About ME | HIRE

Since graduating with a first class BA (Hons) in Editorial Photography from UCA in Rochester, Kent (2004), Tim has enjoyed a wide range of experience in the photo industry.

Tim has worked as a photographer (mainly weddings, portraits & landscapes), filmmaker, cameraman, magazine writer, editor, photography equipment tester, marketeer and tutor. 

Specific roles include Deputy Technical Editor for Amateur Photographer magazine (2010-2013), Editor for Vanguard Europe, while on a freelance basis Tim has contributed to numerous photo websites, including WEX Photographic, Photography Blog, Photo Gear News and Pocket Lint.

Currently, Tim volunteers for SIM as a Director of Communications for East Africa. Based in Kenya, he covers the East Africa region, image making and writing stories of the projects SIM is involved with. Some of the work can be seen on the SIM Stories website.

That’s the credentials. On one hand such experience speaks of the quality and authority regarding the content of this website, but on the other hand the images and writing speak for themselves. 

Hopefully you enjoy taking in the image galleries and writing as much as Tim does creating them.  


Tim is available on a freelance basis for image making, reviews of photography equipment, accessories and software, editorial features, editing, workshops and so on.

He looks forward to connecting with you, so do get in touch by email or phone.