Batian summit (5200m), Mount Kenya National Park
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 Mount Kenya National Park: Getting nearer to the Lenana summit 
 Milky way and shooting star over the North central desert region in Kenya
 Camping in Mount Kenya National Park at the quiet Liki North camp
 Star Trails, Lake Naivasha: Staying in a lodge on the northern shores of Lake Naivasha, which is very near the equator, the star trails take interesting paths.
 Flora of Mount Kenya National Park: An example of the unique flora to the highlands of East Africa
 Hells Gate National Park: Within the famous gorge of Hells Gate National Park, a great day trip from Nairobi
 Mount Kenya National Park: Not too far from Shipton Camp where one then tackles the Lenana summit by foot.
 The valley across Item, Western Kenya, as seen from the hill road
 Taking in the view near Iten (Home of Champions), Western Kenya.
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