SIM Stories: I Can Breathe Again

I get to meet amazing people in East Africa, hear their stories and work out how to try and do those stories justice in written, photo or video form.

And what a privilege it was to meet Appolinarie last year - she is an inspiration. A mother of two, Appolinarie resides in Nairobi, having fled her home country of Ruanda, during the genocide more than 20 years ago.

SIM Kenya does a great work through trauma healing and there are many refugees in Nairobi alone that have received or are in need of trauma healing. Appolinarie was one such person.

Having received healing from her traumatic experiences - a moment she describes as ‘I could breathe again’ - she now helps other French-speaking refugees in Nairobi to deal with their trauma, through trauma healing groups.

Appolinarie, as a young pregnant lady, witnessed and experienced trauma that no one should have to. Yet, I have come to appreciate that there is no trauma too big for God to heal.

Check out the video via the link below and feel free to share - some stories like this one need to be heard.