Sony Alpha 99 II review


42.4-million-pixel BSI (back illuminated) full-frame CMOS sensor.

12-frames per second with continuous tracking AF.

UHD 4k 100Mbps video recording at 8-bit 4:2:2

5-axis image stabilisation. 

And that is just the start of the Sony Alpha 99 II - the company’s flagship Single Lens Translucent (SLT) interchangeable lens camera.

Sony has gone some way to demonstrate that its SLT line-up is not dead in the water.

On paper, the Sony Alpha 99 II looks like it could cater for both those professionals that want to print big and those that want to never miss a shot.

After using the camera, my take is that it comes close to catering for all those professional level users.

When it comes to landscape and portrait photography, the Sony Alpha 99 II shines.

You get massive file sizes and excellent colour rendition, complimented with excellent lenses. Featuring image stabilisation and a fixed translucent mirror, landscape photographers using the Alpha 99 II can enjoy sharp images with less care, than with similar DSLRs that lack either feature. 

As for action photography, the Sony Alpha 99 II offers much but is not quite backed up by the performance. That's the harsh word, but the camera is put on a pedestal and cannot quite match the best in class. 

The Alpha 99 II represents a marked improvement from its predecessor and a brilliant all rounder. 

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